Smart Industry & Digital Factory Conference

Smart Industry & Digital Factory Conference

Technological innovations fundamentally change the appearance of production and impose the digital transformation. This helps companies implement a smart approach that allows them to save costs, refine their strategy and make more effective decisions. 

Smart Industry & Digital Factory Technology Conference is expected to attract the attention of many visitors. Attendees will have a chance to see interesting lectures, presentations, case studies with a real-life examples and results and take part in networking activities and panel discussions.

The virtual event is based on the following:

  • B2B Meet and Match – directed at specific actions and achieving results  
  • Am opportunity for small and medium technological companies to present and show their achievements through special platforms
  •  Increasing the speed of digital transformation for the business (not only) through access for up to date themes and recent materials 
  • Growing young people’s interest to digital technologies, which in time will give results concerning their development 
  •  Getting up to date in the world for innovations in digital technologies and needs for the business

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[Our Speakers]

Co-Founder & CEO

CEO @ Purchasing Turkey

James Lai

Malaysia IoT Association

Markus Pfefferer

Managing Partner
Tibil Solutions

CEO & Co-Founder
iConsulto Tech Private Limited

Head of Business Development

Vincent Raseroka
South Africa

Currently running a Private equity fund

Judi Sandrock
South Africa

XinaBox Limited

African Leadership University







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The organizers reserve the right to change the program!

Expert Opinion
Mobility in the post COVID era
Aviv Frenkel
Digitalization of Procurement and Supply Management in the Automotive Industry
Gurkan Huryilmaz
IoT, AI & 5G Amalgamation
James Lai
IOT and the digital transformation process and the impact on manufacturing SMEs
Markus Pfefferer
Roadmap to implement Industry 4.0
Prashant Khairnar
To be confirmed shortly
Vincent Raseroka
Smart Retail during a pandemic
Qavani Guy Noël Koné
Best Practices
How emerging technology fits in your digital transformation
David Pereira
Investment in space industry startups
Judi Sandrock

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